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Discover the first regulated tokenized securities trading platform in Brazil. Those who learn today, invest much better tomorrow!
Discover the first regulated tokenized securities trading platform in Brazil. Those who learn today, invest much better tomorrow!
Fill in the data and follow the steps to access the Game.
From your registration at Vórtx DTVM you will be able to access the Trading Platform where you will receive your fictitious assets and currencies.
With access and the feature in your account, you will be able to buy and sell the 3 assets created for the game. Now it's up to you! Whoever operates the best and conquers the greatest wealth wins the game.
The first 3 participants with the highest equity according to the regulations will win 1 phone each! And remember: those who learn today, invest much better tomorrow!
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Token is a digital encrypted registration of an asset. Several assets may be tokenized, including financial assets such as receivables, currencies, commodities, derivatives, and non-financial assets such as a real estate and even works of art. Within the scope of the Platform, token is the digital representation of the Asset, security, which is hereinafter referred to as Digital Security (“VDM”).

Yes. Although there is no current law in force on the matter, Brazilian law does not prohibit it. Is its possible to use the principles of Bill of Rights for Economic Freedom (Law No. 13,874/2019) to allow the Tokenization.

Yes, for several factors. Firstly, because it is digitally encrypted using modern protocols based on asymmetric techniques, with public and private keys, the same used in digital certificates, such as e-CPF and e-CNPJ.

Second, because it is more reliable than manual or human records in systems of previous generations, in order to be automated, using smart contracts – sets of pre-programmed instructions that avoid errors and inconsistencies.

Third, because the registry is decentralized and public, which means you don't depend on a single registrar provider for everything to work – you're not in the hands of just one “black box” service provider.

Vórtx QR Tokenizadora is a trading plataform created by a joint venture between Vértera Holding S.A., enrolled with the CNPJ/ME under No. 24.187.087/0001-16 (“Vértera Holding”, which is the holding company of Vórtx’s group), and Quick Response Capital Serviços de Intermediação e Tecnologia Ltda., enrolled with the CNPJ/ME under No. 30.737.433/0001-95 (“QR Capital”, holding company of QR’s group), which is authorized to operate within the scope of CVM’s Regulatory Sandbox, pursuant to CVM Resolution No. 875, of September 30, 2021, as amended.

Vértera is the controlling company of Vórtx DTVM, which is authorized to operate by the Brazilian Central Bank and CVM an infrastructure fintech for the capital market with more than half a trillion reais in assets on its platform, and QR Capital, a holding company in the blockchain and cryptoassets sector. The companies were selected in October last year to develop, within the scope of the CVM regulatory sandbox, the first regulated token-based plataform for the capital markets. The project provides an infrastructure evolution for the digitization of the intermediation activity of public offerings for securities, such as debentures and shares of closed-end investment funds, incorporating blockchain technology for safer, smarter and more transparent transactions.

The registration of token is processed in blockchain technology, in a distributed way, by several maintainers (“nodes) that form a network. In simple terms, this means that the encrypted registry of assets exists at the same time inside every node of the network. It does not exist in one place and is accessible to everyone who connects to that network. When the operation is finished, the information of this operation is sent to all the nodes of the network, being confirmed by them. Finalizing an operation means digitally signing an asset transfer and recording it on the blockchain. Each confirmed transaction creates a new block, which is sequentially added to the blockchain.

Whitin the scope of CVM's Regulatory Sandbox, the tokenization of securities is limited to debentures and quotas of closed-end funds, as well as certificates of deposit and certificates of securities backed by such securities.

Click on “Register/Login” on the Tokenizadora homepage and complete your registration. After approval of the registration, in this same website, click on “Enter here”, login to the platform (https://portal.vortx.com.br/) and choose the option “VxTokenizadora”.

At this first moment, within the scope of the CVM's regulatory Sandbox, only professional and qualified investors, under the terms of CVM Resolution No. 30 of May 11, 2021, may participate in offers and negotiations carried out through the Platform.

Please send an email to onboarding@vortx.com.br with a full description of the problem.

Your tokens will be registered and linked to your wallet. To have access to your wallet, please access the Platform and, with one click, you will have access to the entire wallet position, indicating the assets available, updated prices of the assets, etc.

In the case of Primary Offering, you can sell your token as soon as the Offering ends. For tokens already being traded in the secondary market, you can sell them when you see your tokens in your wallet by placing a sell Order and, in both markets, complying with the Platform’s Trading Rules that are available on the website.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of your wallet, VMDs only can be transferred to wallets created by Vórtx at the Tokenizadora Platform. Therefore, the transfer will only occur between Tokenizadora Users. The private keys of these wallets will be held in custody on the Platform, allowing you easy and secure access.

The Platform works as a virtual OTC. If you have one or more tokens in your wallet, you can place sell Orders. If you have a balance in your account, you can place purchase Orders.

No, it will depend on the issuance rule of the asset that was digitalized, pursuant to its documents available on the website.

In the scope of the regulatory Sandbox, there is no lock-up period for trading the asset. Once the offer is closed, the token can be traded

The payment of interest and principal of the token is carried out according to the documents of the issuance of the asset and in accordance with the Platform Rules. For example, if it is a debenture, in the deed; if it is an investment fund quota, in the regulation. The funds will be credited directly to your platform account. At any time, you can also sell your token on the Platform, if there is demand for your asset.